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Create an CleanPlayerLang global object before player script or pass strings through options.

Available Strings

CleanPlayerLang = {
prev: 'Prev',
next: 'Next',
linkTo: 'Link to Media',
restart: 'Restart',
rewind: 'Rewind {seektime}s',
play: 'Play',
pause: 'Pause',
fastForward: 'Forward {seektime}s',
seek: 'Seek',
seekLabel: '{currentTime} of {duration}',
played: 'Played',
buffered: 'Buffered',
currentTime: 'Current time',
duration: 'Duration',
volume: 'Volume',
mute: 'Mute',
unmute: 'Unmute',
enableCaptions: 'Enable captions',
disableCaptions: 'Disable captions',
download: 'Download',
enterFullscreen: 'Enter fullscreen',
exitFullscreen: 'Exit fullscreen',
frameTitle: 'Player for {title}',
captions: 'Captions',
settings: 'Settings',
menuBack: 'Go back to previous menu',
speed: 'Speed',
normal: 'Normal',
quality: 'Quality',
loop: 'Loop',
start: 'Start',
end: 'End',
all: 'All',
reset: 'Reset',
disabled: 'Disabled',
enabled: 'Enabled',
advertisement: 'Ad',
qualityBadge: {
2160: '4K',
1440: 'HD',
1080: 'HD',
720: 'HD',
576: 'SD',
480: 'SD',


var CleanPlayerLang = {
prev: 'Следующий',
next: 'Предыдущий',
play: 'Плей',
pause: 'Пауза',
<script src="path/to/clean-html-player.js"></script>